Things have been crazy busy recently — as in unusually busier than usual.  But, the wifey and I are starting to find a good rhythm amidst the new developments.. AND it’s been unusually sunny here in the upper left.  You know what that means…


Let’s continue with Ali+Tyler

As usual, hit play to peek, or hit the Vimeo for 21st Century HD.  Damn, it feels good to live in the future.

It’s been one crazybusypacked weekend, but refreshingly, about half the crazybusy that packed this weekend was celebration-oriented.  Part of the reason for festivities, of course, is Mother’s Day here in the US.

This year though, I get to celebrate Mothers’ Day.  Yes, this year I have two mothers for this day.

name: mama wang; style: chángquán wushu kungfu; special move: closed fist overhead thunderburst thrifty skullsmack

This is Mama Wang.  The wifey and I only recently married last year, but Mama Wang never once failed to treat me like anything less than her own over the past few years since moment zero.  She doesn’t speak English, and I don’t speak Mandarin, but it doesn’t get in the way of her constant knowing smiles, the way she never lets a glass or plate go empty the way a mother wouldn’t, or the care with which she tries to anticipate wants (and address them before they become needs).

name: mama jocson; style: balisong-bolo-karambit arnis; special move: spinning thousand slice lightning discipline shank

Meet Mama Jocson.  I was born at a very very young age due to many many hours and this lady.  Officially her profession was registered nurse, but she’s a mom through and through.  She’s just the type that knows how to take care of others better than she does of herself.  Talk to most people about their childhood, and they’ll tell you about the countless hours they spent with their best friend, the adventures they have, and the fun they had playing for ever and ever.  Me? — The time I spent with my mom is rivaled only by the amount of hours I spent absorbing the TV’s warm radiation.  I couldn’t ask for a better mom (though I’ve been known to often and frequently ask for a better TV).

Curious for more fun facts about the moms?  Last year for our wedding reception, the wifey and I put together a video we shared with our guest to honor our parents.  Thanks to Al Gore and the power of the internets, I can now share things like that as easy as one could whip out photo albums years ago that relived their their special day.

I’ve been on va(stay)cation since last week, but it feels busier than ever; however, I do feel like I’ve überproductive.  That is, if productivity is measured in the amount of fun, satisfaction, and relief garnered via discovery, creativity, and completion of long-intended-to-have-been-addressed tasks.

More on what’s been keeping me busy (hopefully sooner rather than) later, but if you follow my twitter / Instagram / tumblr / Facebook feeds, you’ve by now been bombarded by random announcements, nonsensical commentary.  And even seemingly randomer photos.

For the curious with the desire for marginally more context, allow me to present the first installment of <drumroll> Facts Behind the Fotos <windows 3.1 boot sound>

  • Wheels Up – I spent most of the day tuning up my Honda Civic with the Executive Director of the ACAP.  Notable highlights:  Getting an armpit full of vintage 2009 5w20 motor oil and my new plug wires are blue (love me some color!)
  • Acura – Sticking with cars for a moment, the other day I spent a few hours at Acura of Lynnwood, stranded while getting my rotors looked at.  Is it just me, or do Acura rotors wear quickishly?
  • Baby Shower of Infinite Justice – Some friends are expecting, which naturally warrants celebration.  It’s a boy! — represented by the blue metallic teddy bear confetti.Yayers.
  • Surprise – The gift in the left hand is for the aforementioned baby shower, the balloons for a special surprise (and what’s in between is from excessive French pastries…).  The wifey is hosting a special giveaway on her blog featuring an original Cindi+Chris Photography piece.  Check it out for deets on how you, too, may already be a winner!
  • Pastries 1 and Pastries 2 – I wasn’t joking about those French pastries.  I’ve recently discovered (and then re-discovered.  and re-re-re discovered.  and re-re-re-re….) the joy that is The French Bakery.  In under a week I’ve visited 66.7% of their locations (multiple times), had enough pastries to fill a frequent customer punch card (and then some), feasted on a sandwich crafted by one of co-founders, and put on more weight that I should have.  The jocson you know and love now comes extra squishy with 115% more butter.
  • Seatown FunkJun lives in an area with an awesome view of Seattle.  We visited her the other day, and after finding parking around the way, I couldn’t resist climbing up a precarious safety railing and snapping a quick pic while cars whirled behind me.  I had a dizzying fear of falling to my doom, but powered through!

I’ll throw in a few (foto-less) tweets for good measure, just coz.

  • P!AtD – Panic! has a new album, Vices & Virtues, which I am really diggin’ right now.  So far I’ve edited approximately 500 photos (viewed around 2000), tuned 1 Civic, and assisted a friend with 2 resumes and 1 cover letter all with the album on repeat.  A few years ago I went to a Panic! show they did with Lucent Dossier, and it was one of the most amazing shows I’ve ever seen.  It was like some sort of punk burlesque circus freak show that totally fit their work.
  • Sonicsgate – If you’re a sports fan, you must see this film.  If you’re a Seattle-ite, you must see this film.  Heck, if you have a pulse, go check it out.  It highlights the chain of events leading to a Supersonics-less Seattle, brought to you by people like those folks you see in the stands at NBA games today still waving Sonics gear regardless of who’s playing.  True patriots.
  • Thinking about being productive – I made a plan at the start of this vacation that involved a home stretch run at success by means of being early-to-rise and late-to-bed (with ZOMGMASSIVEPRODUCTIVIEZ sammiched in between those two).  I started Day 1 of this home stretch making good on the early-to-rise part, but was slow in motivation to get to the massive productivity part….  I think I’ve made good on getting things done since then.  More on how I did that.. maybe tomorrow?  Stay tuned friends!

Local Lokal Plate

April 9, 2011

I’m all about custom.  Rarely do I leave things as they are, right out the box.  Cars, cameras, computers, barbeques, houses, food…


I’ve been known to fry up an egg and throw it between the layers of deliciousness in a standard Whopper-(with cheese)-to-go, split open a red bean bun and throw cream cheese in, or even sneak crushed and sliced pineapple underneath a slap of vanilla bean ice cream tucked lovingly between 2 slices of all american white bread.

These are all minor mods, mostly because I’m not allowed into the kitchen.  Dramatic messes tend to occur when I collide with that section of the house, so I’ve been blacklisted.  However, the wifey is currently out at Wai’s bachelorette party, so while she’s away I took the liberty of inviting myself into her kitchen to play.

The results?

My take on the loco moco.  Behold my Hawaii-inspired lunch plate holy trinity!:

1)  Homemade bacon and bleu cheese hamburger steak, over rice, and covered in 2 sunny side up eggs + gravy.  If I’m gonna throw a spin on it, it’s gotta be bacon-fueled right?

2)  Spicy crab mac (well, penne) and cheese, in lieu of mac salad

3)  Kona Brewing Co.’s Koko Brown ale (they claim toasted coconut, but all I tasted was toasted deliciousness), standing in for some kind of obligatory tropical fruit juice


Now… to search the web for news articles about that tornado that touched down in kitchen — I didn’t see it happen, but it’s the only explanation, and someone must have written about it by now… and to decide if I should pick up some Bubbies mochi for dessert…

Portraits: Stephanie

February 13, 2011

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down…

Points to whoever knows what song that’s from.  I do love Saturdays, but have been dreading this one for the week for one reason:  Rain.

OK, so usually I don’t mind it (the rain), but today we had scheduled a shoot with the lovely Stephanie, and I really wanted some good sun for it.  The day started out pretty decent, and the sun even peeked through around lunch time to tease and taunt me, but by the time we met up with Steph… yep… rain.

Well almost.. you could tell it was imminent, and the winds were really picking up, so we opted to postpone so we could really knock it out right.  Rather than head out into Seattle proper to shoot, we stopped by Steph’s place to hang for a little bit.  It was right as the rain outside started to finally come down that the thundershowers and lightning bolts of inspiration hit.  While it was wet outside, I guess you could say we had a bit of a dry run indoors for our soon-to-be-rescheduled shoot.  We even got a little brave toward the end and ventured outdoors.

A wise photographer once told me that as you near the perfect shot, you will know it because you will see a glow… and you will shout things.  I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered perfect, but I will say that I am surprised none of the neighbors called the cops fearing the worst from Cindi’s and my sporadic, sudden, seemingly random bursts of enthusiastic expletives.  Steph. just. makes. it. too. easy.

she's a natural. she just doesn't know it


so fierce!

Check out the wifey’s blog for her rundown.  We both can’t wait for round 2.  Thanks Steph for inviting us into your home, being such a great sport, and allowing me to yell inappropriate things 4 inches from your face!

On Friday night, Cindi and I had the chance to participate in a great cause.  In the words of the organizers:

The Cause:
All proceeds donated to the Thy Luellen Benevolent Fund. Angel (age 12) and Nevaeh (age 7) lost their two older sisters, father, and grandmother in late September 2010, needless to say, it’s been a very tough last few months for them, their mother Thy, and the rest of the family. Our goal is to produce a series of community music and art events that will raise funds to provide these girls with the means to achieve a bright future.

So start your new year right, knowing you had a positive impact on in the lives of Thy’s family and in the educational careers of these two young girls.

With the craziness over the past few months, Cindi and I didn’t have a chance to attend the prior events, but one of the brains / muscle behind the functions has kept us looped in as things developed, and we were superexcited to be able to finally make one.  Not only do these get bigger and badder (in the gooder sense, of course) with each iteration, but it doesn’t get any better than connecting with good folks.  And if these folks happen to be talented artists and killer acts, well all the better.  Not sure what your community’s up to?  We’re right here…

A mere sampling of folks in attendance.  We’ll be posting a full gallery once we’ve made our way through sorting all the photos.

2 of white center's finest, the gnu deal mc'd and performed at the event

snag treats for your speakers at

brooklyn pool

pocket panda

some of the most legit strings this side of the symphony

dj j-fresh

dj kuhnex kept the crowd movin

traq and the essence

50% of the metcalves before hitting the stage

bobby genius of the metcalves

meet larynex

stay tuned for a forthcoming C+C shoot of the metcalves...


January 10, 2011

We have a staff meeting at work this week that calls for us to share some of our photos / videos from 2010 with the rest of the team.  As I was digging through my pics this morning, I realized 3 things:

  1. I eat a lot of very very unhealthy delicious things
  2. My wife rocks
  3. I miss Hawaii

That list is sorted descending by number of pictures I have, not by level of awesome (yes, of course my wife rockin’ is #1 in awesome; though I do believe that the disproportionate amount of food-related images in my collection is due to the fact that my wife (a) shoots food too and (b) doesn’t let me shoot her often).  /digress

my wife. rockin. and yes, that is a powershot G10 and 270EX speedlite tucked in her hand. good eye.

We visited Hawaii for our Honeymoon last August/September, and because of the rush, catch-up, and well-earned relaxation time that we engulfed ourselves in upon our return, I didn’t have a chance to really look through the photos until today.  Also, wow, I think I’m almost out of commas.

It was my first time ever in Hawaii, and it did not disappoint.  I never really had much desire to visit the 808 state in the past; but now, I can’t wait to go back.  I’d be a happy clam if I could make it back every year.  And I will damn well try.  Set unattainable stretch goals right?

What are my top 5 reasons for fiendin’ for some islands?  Great, and interesting, question. Read the rest of this entry »

A Walk in the Park

January 8, 2011

I had been hearing a lot about Volunteer Park lately.  A wondrous land of mystery and intrigue that I had not yet been to, so today the Mrs. and I picked up some gear and checked it out.

this must be sir captain volunteer, esq. himself

That’s a cam my wife’s discretely hiding in her kung-fu grip.  She recently picked up a new old camera body, and this was her real opportunity to reallly break it in.  But just because she’s behind the camera, I didn’t let that stop me from making sure I caught her in front of mine.

here we see her willing the camera into taking properly exposed photos via use of her feminine wiles and a level 2 flirtatious hair toss

We explored the grounds quite a bit, but didn’t hang around too long as it was fingernumbing cold.  We did manage to pop by the Asian Art Museum

in typical seattle fashion, it rained on us a little when we got to the park, but the rain was quickly replaced with a cheerful overcast

And nearby was a pretty epic water tower.  I think it was inspired by Princess Fiona’s Far Far Away tower imprisonment from blockbuster documentary film “Shrek.”  However, I wasn’t able to locate the commemorative ornamental plaque from which to confirm.

ever fearless, we ascended the tower steps despite threat of dragons, booby traps, and mysterious moats of discarded liquor bottles

The water tower is actually pretty cool.  I didn’t see any actual or implied water, but there is a pair of stairs that spiral up the inner tower wall.  They meet at the penthouse suite, which is surrounded by the barred arched windows you see lining the outside.  I can imagine this would make for some legit, and unique, pillars of light inside on a sunny day.

edited out the chasing dragon in post

because of the recent condo market implosion in seattle, the penthouse was filled with welcoming locals drinking vodka from paper bags, rather than xenophobic yuppies drinking absinthe from crystal chalices. the locals were kind enough to let us borrow a bench and stood politely out of frame.

That pretty much rounded out our time at the park.  We didn’t explore all of it, but plan on coming back in the future.  After a nice day out and about, there’s nothing like coming home and playing ninja or teaching the cat how to breakdance.  You know, typical all-american family stuff.

cindi's rendition of a fashion conscious tokubetsu jonin from rural Konohagakure no Sato

i didn't fire up the rosetta stone software, but what i gathered from 'meow wrr mwr mwr,' ty got a little confused on whether he was supposed to throw his left leg before lifting his left arm or vice versa in a clockwise t-flare. he's a bit frustrated, as he'd like to go straight to air flares, but i insist he build solid foundational skills first. jocsons don't do shortcuts on my watch.

I snagged a ton of shots in the time we were at the park, which were mostly variations on the above.  For the curious, I’ve stuck a few more behind the cut, because, well.. what the heck, why not?  Keep going for more…

Read the rest of this entry »

The Love Movement

January 2, 2011

So Christmas and New Year’s Eve have come and gone, and I meant to post a holiday recap… buttttt I’m just way more excited about sharing something else:

Everybody has a hobby.  And everybody that has a hobby has a friend or two that shares that same hobby.  That friend they can discuss all the important and unimportant minutia of said hobby with, philosophize and pontificate with, and obsess over the unnecessary with.  The friend that never ceases to amaze you with how much you want to throttle them because they just absolutely kick your ass in all respects at your own beloved hobby.  For the purposes of this post, that hobby is photography, and my friend is Ami.

Battle-ready Ami, now with kung-fu grip

You may remember Ami from such blogs as ami’s in LA, such towns as Bremerton, Santa Monica / LA, or love teams such as Ami+Bryan.  Or you may not remember her at all, because she is 2010’s best kept secret (in categories: Wedding & Portrait Photography and Best New Primetime Sitcom, Documentary, Variety Show, or Gospel-inspired infomercial) and poised to be 2011’s most slept on creative.

Bryan, who wears many hats. Based on the pensive-knowing-judging-look in the above photo, I'm going to say one of his hats is successful teacher.

Ami and Bryan were in town for the holidays, and a couple days ago the rest of me and I had the opportunity to shoot with them.  In addition to my wife and I scoring some awesome couples portraiture, 553 photos later my own cam was melting from the sheer hawtness they were helping me capture.

Ami's brand of asian-motherish-you're-never-good-enough instruction helps me capture my wife better.

No joke, Ami is a beast at her craft. And I’m learning a lot from her.  But forget the finer technical points behind exposure settings, lighting, and composition.  I’m firmly convinced that some of the best lessons to be learned from Ami+Bryan stem from the love they exude.  For each other and their respective crafts.  There’s an artsy side of me fed by inspiration, harvested only from the fruits of love and passion, grown in the sparse tracts hidden in the gaps left between realism, mundanity, and the nightly news, and contagious like no other.  I had a creative spark that was, for a long time, in a deep hibernation until awoken when I met my now-wife, and I’m reminded of that moment everytime I see analogous elements in the world around us.  A day with Ami+Bryan is a healthy reminder that there’s more to the life experience than the daily grind and the pragmatic.  There’s a much more important love movement to advance.


gets you right here: ❤

Bryan accomplishes many things with his iPhone. I didn't ask, but I can only assume here he's buying and selling small Caribbean islands, for fun and for profit.

you can still feel the love, even when death threats are being hurled back and forth

Aren’t they the cutest?  They almost give us a run for our money:

photo on loan from the ami martin collection

That was a super long post with super too many pictures, but I almost never have so many shots I’m happy with in the same bunch.  And we almost never have so much fun with folks we almost never see.  We’re looking forward to shooting with you guys again, and more importantly just plain hanging out.