Tastes Like Handcrafted

February 11, 2011

We’re meeting up with SLM+RJ tomorrow for dinner, so we put the finishing touches on their images tonight.  While my laptizzle was busy kicking out the files all high-tech-like, I headed over to my shameful mess of a desk to work on our packaging all low-tech-like.  That’s right folks, this marks our first client package bearing our new branding. Huzzah!  Handcrafted by yours truly, complete with blood, sweat, and tears.  Except, instead of blood, sweat, and tears I substituted liberal amounts of ribbon, rubber cement, and love.

one of the cookie sheets, fresh out the oven and ready for the cooling rack

the madness

a sprinkling of personal touches

really diggin the petal closure ... because...

..it keeps itself closed!! go go low-tech!

handcut hangtag, and check out that sweet handpunched hole. i got down all amish-like and cut that sucker myself

getting the dress blues on..

all dressed, ready to party..

...and hit the dance floor

In other news, please allow me to shamelessly whore out our new Facebook page.  Happy early Valentine’s Day.  We like you.. do you like us too?

A little while ago, we shot a wedding.  Less than a little while ago, we finished editing a chunk of the photos.  And an even littler while ago, we got excited and smashed them into a slideshow to share more betterly.  Unfortunately, I fail at video encoding, so the resulting playback quality isn’t quite on par with the actual images… but can’t you just feel the oh-so-warm-radiating-love behind the cold glow of your computer screen?  I know I can.

Oh you crazy kids.  Congrats again!  SLIDESHOW HERE

PS, I’ll get more awesome with video soon. I promise.