Genius fever.

March 9, 2011

There’s been a nasty something-er-other that’s been going around locally lately.  I was struck down last week/the week before, at the height of which I vomited out a guestblog over at Ami’s in LA. Check it out.  4 out of 5 feral SeaTac cats are calling it genius.  The 5th cat is calling it bold, with hints of honey, lavender, and tobacco.

And while I’m whoring out non-jocson-blog related appearances, remember that ACAP event?  Check out more about the organization in their latest newsletter from last month.  More of our photos are featured throughout the pub, so check those out too.  Woo!

And, just for good measure, and the sake of a visual, here’s a snap of me + my groomscru from last year.  En route to the bachelor party we figured out how to properly use a tripod.

Earlier this month, we had the privilege of partaking in the TacSea! TacSea! festivities.  Fast forward a couple of weeks and I’m excited to say we’ve culled, corrected, polished, and published our way to glory.  Take a peek at some of our faves here, digest, laugh, cry, and come on back when you’re ready to let me know what you think via the comments.

If a particular one tickles your fancy, and you’d like a high-res e-Copy, drop me a note and let me know.  Prints are also available in a variety of formats from our lab at greatly discounted rates for this special event.  If you’re interested in a large size print or canvas, let me know and I’ll get that squared away for you.

Bigups to all the artists and attendees.  Let’s do this again.  Soon.

On Friday night, Cindi and I had the chance to participate in a great cause.  In the words of the organizers:

The Cause:
All proceeds donated to the Thy Luellen Benevolent Fund. Angel (age 12) and Nevaeh (age 7) lost their two older sisters, father, and grandmother in late September 2010, needless to say, it’s been a very tough last few months for them, their mother Thy, and the rest of the family. Our goal is to produce a series of community music and art events that will raise funds to provide these girls with the means to achieve a bright future.

So start your new year right, knowing you had a positive impact on in the lives of Thy’s family and in the educational careers of these two young girls.

With the craziness over the past few months, Cindi and I didn’t have a chance to attend the prior events, but one of the brains / muscle behind the functions has kept us looped in as things developed, and we were superexcited to be able to finally make one.  Not only do these get bigger and badder (in the gooder sense, of course) with each iteration, but it doesn’t get any better than connecting with good folks.  And if these folks happen to be talented artists and killer acts, well all the better.  Not sure what your community’s up to?  We’re right here…

A mere sampling of folks in attendance.  We’ll be posting a full gallery once we’ve made our way through sorting all the photos.

2 of white center's finest, the gnu deal mc'd and performed at the event

snag treats for your speakers at

brooklyn pool

pocket panda

some of the most legit strings this side of the symphony

dj j-fresh

dj kuhnex kept the crowd movin

traq and the essence

50% of the metcalves before hitting the stage

bobby genius of the metcalves

meet larynex

stay tuned for a forthcoming C+C shoot of the metcalves...