It’s almost wedding-time for Karen+Josh, and Cindi and I couldn’t be more excited — to bask in their lurrve, partay, and yes, shoot us some more photos.  Does that sound selfish?  I assure you it’s not.  Being around their love is like soaking in swelling glee, and it’d be a crime to not try to capture it.  Speaking of which, allow me to share more photos from their recent shoot — in slideshow form!

Slideshow here, currently in standard definition… but come back later in the week and we’ll have it in superdelicioushighdef!

I’ve recently developed a chemical addiction to the offerings of Hiroki.  If you follow my instagram feed or even my Twitter or tumblr feeds, then this likely comes as no surprise to you.  You may even know had very, very, very bad it is.

I first heard about Hiroki from Diana+Jesse.  They have a Sunday ritual filled with Hiroki deliciousness, and the Sunday we shot them was no exception.  Outside of deliciousness, that Sunday was filled with more fun than Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” so in honor of them here’s some additional photos from their shoot.  In slideshow form for added awesome.

Thanks Diana+Jesse!  We’ll have to meet up soon (perhaps at Hiroki’s?)


Babies: Lucy

March 23, 2011

This past weekend, the Mrs. and I had the privilege of meeting Lucy. If you haven’t met her yet, you should, because she’s great people. Between almost rolling over for the first time, melting our memory cards with sheer cuteness, and snacking on her delicious left and right hands, I asked her:

“So, where do you see yourself in 5 years.”

She responded with a look that could only mean:

“Well Mr. Jocson, hopefully by the end of year 5 I will have successfully launched my 3rd multinational company.  I will likely keep this one privately held, since my first 2 companies would have been public, and while a great learning experience, it would be about time to take a slightly different route.  I would maintain control as much as possible to the best of my abilities, and stress the importance of participating in important, albeit not necessarily profitable activities.  For example, I would hope that said company could maintain strong local ties to the community, play a part in furthering landmark public policy, and serve as an advocate for the disenfranchised that need a voice.”

Sooo cute!! It’s great to see social consciousness so alive in today’s youth. After our shoot, we stopped off for some bubble tea, Ms. Lucy balanced my checkbook, reallocated my 401(K) elections, and promptly fell asleep. I tell you people, this girl knows how to live.

auntie+uncle tagging along for fun

i stole a moment of mom+dad stealing a moment while uncle+auntie stole lucy

You know those people that you don’t know, but you do?  I think I first met Karen almost a year ago, toward the end of the summer.  We ever-so-briefly worked not-quite-together-but-within-the-vicinity-of-each-other on a project, where we traded jokes, war stories, art projects, wedding plans.  Yes, wedding plans.  The wifey and I were nearing the end of our wedding planning, and Karen+Josh had just begun theirs.

Those of you that know me (or don’t know me) know (or don’t know) that I rarely share such personal details so readily — but Karen is just so gosh darned easy to talk to.  Dangerous.

A few months later, we crossed paths at an event, where I met Josh for the first time.  And the Mrs. met them both.  It was love at first sight.  These crazy kids are just so fun, and the world needs more of people like them.  But only if they’d hang with C+C on the regular.

in typical seattle fashion, this day started at a coffee shop. a coffee shop of luuurrvee. or coffee. perhaps just coffee.

Earlier this month, we had the privilege of partaking in the TacSea! TacSea! festivities.  Fast forward a couple of weeks and I’m excited to say we’ve culled, corrected, polished, and published our way to glory.  Take a peek at some of our faves here, digest, laugh, cry, and come on back when you’re ready to let me know what you think via the comments.

If a particular one tickles your fancy, and you’d like a high-res e-Copy, drop me a note and let me know.  Prints are also available in a variety of formats from our lab at greatly discounted rates for this special event.  If you’re interested in a large size print or canvas, let me know and I’ll get that squared away for you.

Bigups to all the artists and attendees.  Let’s do this again.  Soon.

Portraits: Jun

February 21, 2011

We had an awesomely sunny weekend in Seattle — these have been pretty scarce as of late, so I really can’t complain.  So it was a little cold.. eh.  So it was a little windy.. eh.  Doesn’t matter.  Especially when you’re shooting with Jun.

Jun’s one of those pretty-much-always-genuinely-happy-folks who doesn’t sweat the small stuff.  When the gusts picked up and we could hear it knocking on the walls of her condo, she didn’t panic for the day to come.  When the sharp frost bit as we stepped outside, there was no question in her mind whether it was a good idea to keep going.  And when realized we were approximately a 250 mile uphill hike to prime Kodak-approved locales, I struggled to keep pace with her enthusiastic gait.  Jun’s just one of those easy-going individuals that makes all the goings-on easy.

More words from the wifey on her blog

Portraits: Stephanie

February 13, 2011

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down…

Points to whoever knows what song that’s from.  I do love Saturdays, but have been dreading this one for the week for one reason:  Rain.

OK, so usually I don’t mind it (the rain), but today we had scheduled a shoot with the lovely Stephanie, and I really wanted some good sun for it.  The day started out pretty decent, and the sun even peeked through around lunch time to tease and taunt me, but by the time we met up with Steph… yep… rain.

Well almost.. you could tell it was imminent, and the winds were really picking up, so we opted to postpone so we could really knock it out right.  Rather than head out into Seattle proper to shoot, we stopped by Steph’s place to hang for a little bit.  It was right as the rain outside started to finally come down that the thundershowers and lightning bolts of inspiration hit.  While it was wet outside, I guess you could say we had a bit of a dry run indoors for our soon-to-be-rescheduled shoot.  We even got a little brave toward the end and ventured outdoors.

A wise photographer once told me that as you near the perfect shot, you will know it because you will see a glow… and you will shout things.  I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered perfect, but I will say that I am surprised none of the neighbors called the cops fearing the worst from Cindi’s and my sporadic, sudden, seemingly random bursts of enthusiastic expletives.  Steph. just. makes. it. too. easy.

she's a natural. she just doesn't know it


so fierce!

Check out the wifey’s blog for her rundown.  We both can’t wait for round 2.  Thanks Steph for inviting us into your home, being such a great sport, and allowing me to yell inappropriate things 4 inches from your face!

Babies: Sneak Peek – Elsa

February 6, 2011

You know when you get a bad idea… you know, a really bad idea… really bad idea… you have that friend that talks you out of it?  Pulls you back to sanity, makes you realize the error of your ways, and allows you to continue on with life as if it never happened?  Well, for me, that friend is not Eric.  In fact, Eric is the total opposite.  He’ll instead be the friend that’s out on the ledge with me, or helping me attach my fake mustache while we go over our plan to flee the country and avoid the shame of our failed harebrained scheme.

It’s a common trait in pretty much all of my close friends.  I’m not sure if it’s a function of external factors, such as temperate Pacific Northwest rains pushing inhabitants to be as mad as March hares, of if it’s by necessity that only those with their own pinch of insanity are able to deal with mine.

Lucky for Eric and me, we have wives.  Wives who are completely sane, and not afraid to tell us when we’re not.  So when we hatched the idea of a baby photo shoot, and our wives approved, we knew we had our hands on the formula for low energy nuclear fusion upon which we could retire.  Or, at the very least, we had an idea that wasn’t half bad.  And it also taught us the importance of first qualifying an idea to “shoot the baby” with the more descriptive “photo shoot.”

Baby Elsa’s pics are now in our queue, but we couldn’t resist sharing a few shots. Those of you who follow the wifey’s blog will have already seen a couple of these, but I went ahead and added a bit more.

On Friday night, Cindi and I had the chance to participate in a great cause.  In the words of the organizers:

The Cause:
All proceeds donated to the Thy Luellen Benevolent Fund. Angel (age 12) and Nevaeh (age 7) lost their two older sisters, father, and grandmother in late September 2010, needless to say, it’s been a very tough last few months for them, their mother Thy, and the rest of the family. Our goal is to produce a series of community music and art events that will raise funds to provide these girls with the means to achieve a bright future.

So start your new year right, knowing you had a positive impact on in the lives of Thy’s family and in the educational careers of these two young girls.

With the craziness over the past few months, Cindi and I didn’t have a chance to attend the prior events, but one of the brains / muscle behind the functions has kept us looped in as things developed, and we were superexcited to be able to finally make one.  Not only do these get bigger and badder (in the gooder sense, of course) with each iteration, but it doesn’t get any better than connecting with good folks.  And if these folks happen to be talented artists and killer acts, well all the better.  Not sure what your community’s up to?  We’re right here…

A mere sampling of folks in attendance.  We’ll be posting a full gallery once we’ve made our way through sorting all the photos.

2 of white center's finest, the gnu deal mc'd and performed at the event

snag treats for your speakers at

brooklyn pool

pocket panda

some of the most legit strings this side of the symphony

dj j-fresh

dj kuhnex kept the crowd movin

traq and the essence

50% of the metcalves before hitting the stage

bobby genius of the metcalves

meet larynex

stay tuned for a forthcoming C+C shoot of the metcalves...

Sara Leigh and Ryan threw the perfect wedding yesterday.  When it comes to being down to earth, you won’t find another down-to-earthier pair than those two crazy kids.  And it really showed in their day.   Cindi and I had the privilege of chasing their shadows as the events unfolded, and it was so refreshing seeing two individuals focusing on what really counts (and not letting themselves become unnecessarily obsessed with form over substance).  SLM+RJ didn’t sweat the small stuff, which I hope truly allowed them to take in the full experience of their wedding day that. much. more.  The ceremony was small and intimate, the guests consisted only of the closest 20-or-so family and friends, and the reception was an elegant plated dinner (separated from the ceremony by an informal cocktail hour when everybody in attendance bumrushed a small bar across the street).  And what was really awesome was having the chance to meet SLM+RJ’s guests, get to know some awesome folks, and be surrounded by the love and purest of warm fuzzy feelings.  No, I won’t admit that happy tears welled up within the vicinity of my eyes while I listened to toasts.  And yes, I am known to be somewhat of a magnificent liar.

I’ve never seen such a calm and poised bride quite like Sara Leigh, and as Ryan navigated through guests at dinner, it was evident that there you would not find a more gracious host.  Absolutely dope individuals.  And doper still together.  Congratulations to the happy couple, from Chris and Cindi (yes, more love over on the Mrs.’ page)!