Couples Slideshow – Diana+Jesse

April 13, 2011

I’ve recently developed a chemical addiction to the offerings of Hiroki.  If you follow my instagram feed or even my Twitter or tumblr feeds, then this likely comes as no surprise to you.  You may even know had very, very, very bad it is.

I first heard about Hiroki from Diana+Jesse.  They have a Sunday ritual filled with Hiroki deliciousness, and the Sunday we shot them was no exception.  Outside of deliciousness, that Sunday was filled with more fun than Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” so in honor of them here’s some additional photos from their shoot.  In slideshow form for added awesome.

Thanks Diana+Jesse!  We’ll have to meet up soon (perhaps at Hiroki’s?)



5 Responses to “Couples Slideshow – Diana+Jesse”

  1. Diana Nguyen said

    I’ll post what I post on Cindi’s…beautimus! LOL! This “every day session” was more than just an every day session for us. You two have a great talent and it shows. Thanks for pictures that I can look at over and over again and smile 🙂 Hiroki’s anyone?!? hahaha

    • jocson said

      Aw, thanks! It was so much fun! You guys are too many sexy! We’ve got the full set ready for you guys… I think Hiroki’s may be the perfect place to exchange? 😉

      We’re also getting your online proof and print gallery set so you can peek!

  2. […] day.  This morning, while trying to snag time for a break to lunch with good folks, Jesse said something to the effect of “Hump days are generally good for people…you’re […]

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