Inspired: Vol. 1 – Prologue

March 16, 2011

What’s your style?

Probably the most-asked question that follows “I’m an artist / photographer / dancer / writer / designer / competitive eater…”

The list goes on, but the question remains the same.

What’s your style?

I don’t know.  I’m not sure how to quite answer that.  Dope? Fresh? Typical? Contemporary? Played?  Retro vibrance with a luminescent tinge of ballet?  Newsjournalistic krump with a hint of basil over nouveau haute socio-political web bboy?  Modern Louis Pasteur?

While I firmly believe it’s important to have a style, I’m less inclined to clearly categorize it.  I have somewhat of a claustrophobic fear of the boundaries that you, or others, may prescribe based on a subjective interpretation of semi-arbitrary adjectives.  I’m also not sure if we ourselves, creativs, can or should be able to say we subscribe to a particular style without unintentionally inhibiting a more natural organic growth.  At least not at first.  Can you really wake up one day and say ‘I will do [activity], and do it [adjective]ly,” having not yet fully explored the boundaries of your comfort with it?

I’ve had my hand in various media for quite some time, and still reach a little uncertainty in explaining my style.  Do I have one yet?  It’s relatively easy for some to recognize my work, point out commonalities and recurring themes, and identify traits of my handwriting written across the spirit of the piece.

At the fore of my mind I probably like to think I’m still distilling my style, digesting my influences, and finding my groove.  In reality, I’m probably like all other creativs — mostly satisfied with my products, but in constant pursuit of elusive perfection through perpetual revision, growth, and rebirth.

In truth I think we all have a particular style whether we know it or not.  We all have a voice, regardless of how low a whisper we think we keep.  Rather than describe the sound of our voice, I think it more meaningful to explore what feeds the words we speak.

And so, for those curious, I’ve taken an introspective look at my own personal influences…

stay tuned. who's got guesses

2 Responses to “Inspired: Vol. 1 – Prologue”

  1. Great post! i also don’t know what my style is… heck, i don’t even know what field in photography i specialize. I think questions such as “what’s your style?” isn’t really for us, but or others to makes it easy for them to categorize us and/or our works.

    I’m glad i’m not alone at leaving that question unanswered. 🙂

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