Genius fever.

March 9, 2011

There’s been a nasty something-er-other that’s been going around locally lately.  I was struck down last week/the week before, at the height of which I vomited out a guestblog over at Ami’s in LA. Check it out.  4 out of 5 feral SeaTac cats are calling it genius.  The 5th cat is calling it bold, with hints of honey, lavender, and tobacco.

And while I’m whoring out non-jocson-blog related appearances, remember that ACAP event?  Check out more about the organization in their latest newsletter from last month.  More of our photos are featured throughout the pub, so check those out too.  Woo!

And, just for good measure, and the sake of a visual, here’s a snap of me + my groomscru from last year.  En route to the bachelor party we figured out how to properly use a tripod.

2 Responses to “Genius fever.”

  1. jaime said

    love the guest blog… so creative and so you! lots of great points and quite funny. poor ty falling off the banister 😦
    the tripod made me laugh, but not surprised at all haha

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