On the Run iPhone Fun – On the eve of the flaming rabbit…

February 2, 2011

Tomorrow begins the year of the rabbit, according to the lunisolar calendar used by many asian cultures.  It’s not used by Filipinos, so I’m not very familiar with it; however, my wife’s family is from China, and ever since we met I’ve gotten down with the lunar new year.  From what I gather, in lieu of fireworks, black tie affairs, and a large ornamental ball descending toward the earth at ultraslow-countdown-speed, Chinese New Year (in the US) means whiskey, excessive amounts of food, red, and an impressive imposing ascension of a representative animal to a metaphorical gilded throne (the size of which is rivaled only by that of the accompanying new year hangover).  The animal brings good fortune, stock picks, a free market analysis, prosperity, and the finest in sensible footwear.  And if it sees its shadow, we get 6 more months of rain.

I haven’t gotten it all sorted, but based on my observations and keen knack at deduction, I think it’s safe to say I’m about (conservative estimate) 97% of the way there.

Seeing as how it’s midweek this year, we kept it low key and hit up Chiang’s Gourmet in Lake Sizzle for easy eats.  Chiang’s is one of those neighborhood joints that snags a steady stream of locals and a deluge of anybody and everybody on special occasions.  One of those spots where it takes you 17.2x as long to receive your food as it does to annihilate it, but it doesn’t matter.  It’s just good.  They’re known for handmade noodles, a dual menu system — the ‘nothing-says-America-like-an-oversized-menu’ listing of standard Americanized ‘Chinese’ food, and a small unassuming, could be mistaken for a wine list, menu of authentic specialties.  If you’ve ever been one of those folks who’s always wanted to roll into a Chinese restaurant, order off the ‘other’ menu, and embark on a gastronomic adventure, but haven’t simply because you weren’t sure if there is an other menu… Chiang’s is your joint.  Not only do they not hide it from you, suitable English translations are listed right there, presented in plain sight.  Check your subconscious sense of xenos at the door my friend, you are welcome here, and the work has been done for you.

Me?  I’ll take the 炸醬麵 and, actually, I can get by just fine with a bowl of ‘Five Star Spicy Chicken.’  Which really arrives as a bowl of fried spicy Szechuan peppers.  Oh, with a side of the most addicting chicken in the world.

beneathe this fiery exterior lies a heart of gold...

behold! mined from the belly of the beast, nuggets of the 11th most addicting crack in the world, masquerading as chicken


One Response to “On the Run iPhone Fun – On the eve of the flaming rabbit…”

  1. Steph Yu said

    you lie, what about that chicken in NY?

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