Wedding Slideshow – SLM+RJ

January 24, 2011

A little while ago, we shot a wedding.  Less than a little while ago, we finished editing a chunk of the photos.  And an even littler while ago, we got excited and smashed them into a slideshow to share more betterly.  Unfortunately, I fail at video encoding, so the resulting playback quality isn’t quite on par with the actual images… but can’t you just feel the oh-so-warm-radiating-love behind the cold glow of your computer screen?  I know I can.

Oh you crazy kids.  Congrats again!  SLIDESHOW HERE

PS, I’ll get more awesome with video soon. I promise.

3 Responses to “Wedding Slideshow – SLM+RJ”

  1. Ali said

    comment on cindi’s blog, but want to give you the credit too… wonderful job! read cindi’s comment for the rest 😉

  2. […] 11, 2011 We’re meeting up with SLM+RJ tomorrow for dinner, so we put the finishing touches on their images tonight.  While my laptizzle […]

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