January 10, 2011

We have a staff meeting at work this week that calls for us to share some of our photos / videos from 2010 with the rest of the team.  As I was digging through my pics this morning, I realized 3 things:

  1. I eat a lot of very very unhealthy delicious things
  2. My wife rocks
  3. I miss Hawaii

That list is sorted descending by number of pictures I have, not by level of awesome (yes, of course my wife rockin’ is #1 in awesome; though I do believe that the disproportionate amount of food-related images in my collection is due to the fact that my wife (a) shoots food too and (b) doesn’t let me shoot her often).  /digress

my wife. rockin. and yes, that is a powershot G10 and 270EX speedlite tucked in her hand. good eye.

We visited Hawaii for our Honeymoon last August/September, and because of the rush, catch-up, and well-earned relaxation time that we engulfed ourselves in upon our return, I didn’t have a chance to really look through the photos until today.  Also, wow, I think I’m almost out of commas.

It was my first time ever in Hawaii, and it did not disappoint.  I never really had much desire to visit the 808 state in the past; but now, I can’t wait to go back.  I’d be a happy clam if I could make it back every year.  And I will damn well try.  Set unattainable stretch goals right?

What are my top 5 reasons for fiendin’ for some islands?  Great, and interesting, question.

  1. Ooh pretty fishes
    When I was younger, I always wanted a pet, but I was afraid of dogs and didn’t like cats.  Or anything furry actually.  Or anything that made a good pet I suppose.  Actually, I guess I just wanted a pet so that I could go to school and fit in with all the other kids. 

    “Chris do you know how to swim?”
    “Do you take karate? What belt are you? I’m yellow.”
    “Wanna go ride bikes later?”
    “I don’t have one”
    “What do you do for fun?”
    “Further diversify my mutual funds and count my conservative low yield government bonds, suckah”

    Sad.  But, A-ha! On the faithful day they asked what pet I had, I would have a better response.  Oh yes.  It took much research, but was decided.  I will ask my parents for fish.  That counts right?

    After a long arduous negotiation, I finally got my parents to let me take a hand-me-down aquarium and hand-me-down fish from my cousin.

    They died shortly, and before I was ever asked if I had pets.

    Ever since then though, I’ve had a soft spot for fish, and I’ve always wanted a Koi pond in my backyard.  Is there nothing more majestic than nishikigoi?  I think not.  As being among the longer-living of vertebrates, they would at least maybe last  until someone asked me if I had pets (while providing a more decent return on my investment than my previous fish).

    These suckers are everywhere in Hawaii.  They are one of the stronger labor unions, and I think almost make up a voting majority according to the latest exit pool demographics.

    behold, in all their majesty

    this sucker would take down your pet dog/cat/iguana/snake/tarantula/hamster/gerbil/dragon/eagle within the first 3 rounds

  2. Ice as food
    I’m a sucker for desserts.  Or anything sweet.  And nowhere else will you get away with serving water as a dessert.  By way of some mystic magic and sorcery,  freezing water, shaving said frozen water, and covering said shavings in dessert somehow turns it into .. dessert.  OK so I’m not sure if classifying shaved ice as dessert is technically correct, but it is technically delicious, foo. 

    tourists make it taste better

  3. Baked goods.
    Did I mention I like foods.  And dessert?  Didn’t think so.  I do. 

    you have my permission to lick your screen. don't worry, they won't think you're weird.

  4. Bubbies ice cream and mochi
    I don’t think I’ve mentioned, but I like dessert 

  5. Sasabune Sushi
    I first visited Sasabune in LA, and it was love at first buttery bite.  Next time, I’m skipping LA and going straight to Hawaii.  Again.

for the love of gawd, trust them!

weapons grade deliciousness

Ok, I think if I don’t stop now, we can both see where this is going.  I can go on and on about gravy and fried egg covered anything, the new heights reached only via the SpamTM staircase, magic pineapple infused soft serve… oh my.

I’m going back.  Who’s with me?

hidden valley of relaxed awesomeness

3 Responses to “HI-808”

  1. jun said

    I ❤ Sasabune too! You're making me hungry!

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