The Love Movement

January 2, 2011

So Christmas and New Year’s Eve have come and gone, and I meant to post a holiday recap… buttttt I’m just way more excited about sharing something else:

Everybody has a hobby.  And everybody that has a hobby has a friend or two that shares that same hobby.  That friend they can discuss all the important and unimportant minutia of said hobby with, philosophize and pontificate with, and obsess over the unnecessary with.  The friend that never ceases to amaze you with how much you want to throttle them because they just absolutely kick your ass in all respects at your own beloved hobby.  For the purposes of this post, that hobby is photography, and my friend is Ami.

Battle-ready Ami, now with kung-fu grip

You may remember Ami from such blogs as ami’s in LA, such towns as Bremerton, Santa Monica / LA, or love teams such as Ami+Bryan.  Or you may not remember her at all, because she is 2010’s best kept secret (in categories: Wedding & Portrait Photography and Best New Primetime Sitcom, Documentary, Variety Show, or Gospel-inspired infomercial) and poised to be 2011’s most slept on creative.

Bryan, who wears many hats. Based on the pensive-knowing-judging-look in the above photo, I'm going to say one of his hats is successful teacher.

Ami and Bryan were in town for the holidays, and a couple days ago the rest of me and I had the opportunity to shoot with them.  In addition to my wife and I scoring some awesome couples portraiture, 553 photos later my own cam was melting from the sheer hawtness they were helping me capture.

Ami's brand of asian-motherish-you're-never-good-enough instruction helps me capture my wife better.

No joke, Ami is a beast at her craft. And I’m learning a lot from her.  But forget the finer technical points behind exposure settings, lighting, and composition.  I’m firmly convinced that some of the best lessons to be learned from Ami+Bryan stem from the love they exude.  For each other and their respective crafts.  There’s an artsy side of me fed by inspiration, harvested only from the fruits of love and passion, grown in the sparse tracts hidden in the gaps left between realism, mundanity, and the nightly news, and contagious like no other.  I had a creative spark that was, for a long time, in a deep hibernation until awoken when I met my now-wife, and I’m reminded of that moment everytime I see analogous elements in the world around us.  A day with Ami+Bryan is a healthy reminder that there’s more to the life experience than the daily grind and the pragmatic.  There’s a much more important love movement to advance.


gets you right here: ❤

Bryan accomplishes many things with his iPhone. I didn't ask, but I can only assume here he's buying and selling small Caribbean islands, for fun and for profit.

you can still feel the love, even when death threats are being hurled back and forth

Aren’t they the cutest?  They almost give us a run for our money:

photo on loan from the ami martin collection

That was a super long post with super too many pictures, but I almost never have so many shots I’m happy with in the same bunch.  And we almost never have so much fun with folks we almost never see.  We’re looking forward to shooting with you guys again, and more importantly just plain hanging out.

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