Who needs a windowed office?

November 21, 2010


About a month ago, an Audit Manager at a local technology company asked if I could do a piece for him.

The criteria:

  • Not too “street” (it would need to hold up in a business setting on an everyday basis)
  • Not too “corporate”
  • Needs to go on his office wall (approximately 9ft high x 10ft wide)

I threw together about a dozen designs, and played with the branding the company uses on their various products — consoles, games, software — and one idea just seemed to fit perfectly…

Microsoft opened their “flagship” (in that it’s local to HQ) retail store last week at Bellevue Square.  Stars came out in full force.  Dave Matthews, Apollo Ohno, and instant-classic-maker Miley Cyrus… so of course, when the manager came to me last month I thought hey, why should jocson + auditmanagerman be excluded from the festivities?

So on Saturday, I put up a 9ft x 9ft piece in his office, inspired by the MS Stores logo, and sporting that instantly recognizable, very Windows color palette.

the 'canvas'

Obligatory before shot

Obligatory after shot

I’m uberhappy with how it came out.  Seeing it up on the wall just takes me back to 1992, reliving memories of booting up Windows 3.1 on that fresh Packard Bell desktop I begged my parents for.  Almost makes me wish I had one of these for myself.

8 Responses to “Who needs a windowed office?”

  1. Cindi said

    Awesome! I’m a first time commenter and love this blog. I’m intrigued by your humor and you’re obviously very talented…which is always sexy. Are you married?

  2. Ali said

    haha oh cindi… too funny! but seriously, that is AWESOME!!! I never knew your talent went beyond IT auditing but heard some rumors about you being a grafiti artist. but that wall is amazing, truly!!! where were you when we were painting our house???

    • jocson said

      @Ali – THANKS! You should never listen to true rumors. They’re often not as fun as untrue ones. It’s never too late for a piece… you must have some wallspace in that huge house of yours that’s screaming for custom art? 😉

  3. Karen said

    Chris, this is amazing! I love your work, thanks for sharing!

  4. Alicia said

    I worked with you for how many years and never knew you had such artistic talent!!! I think you might be in the wrong profession!! Don’t tell your boss! 🙂 Seriously, you are very creative and really got something going on! Keep it up! Have fun!

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