November 17, 2010

The later we get into the year, the more it seems darkness engulfs all.  I walk out of the office at 5PM and it looks as though it’s 10PM.  I wake up to a stale gray (that seems dreary) and sharp bite in the air (which I enjoy) that burns my nose (and for some reason the outer corners of eyes where the front of my face becomes the sides.

That + the hustle that comes with work this time of year has put me into an exhausting daze for the past couple weeks, that it almost doesn’t feel like we’re about to hit the holiday season.  Fall/Winter has always been a favorite part of the year for me, because I enjoy the fresh brisk crisp carried in the air, the holiday celebrations, and accompanying days off work.

It seems too soon for it to be Thanksgiving next week.  In honor of the holiday, I was going to go out and shoot some turkeys, but it was too dark.  So instead, here’s an homage to the epic Christmas trees we’ll soon start seeing everywhere.  Shot in the semidark.

tree again


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