Whiskey and Fries

November 30, 2010

Nothing says Thanksgiving like whiskey and french fries.  And it drives the kids wild.

Rare Breed indeed


One too many...

Winter Wonderland

November 24, 2010

Ice to see you!Mr. Freeze crippled Seattle.

OK, not really.  But every year that it snows it seems like the entire city is brought to its knees.  Busses slide down hills into light posts, I-5 turns into a post-apocalyptic parking lot of abandoned luxury cars, ravenous mobs hit grocery stores to stock up on lamp oil and Twinkies, and scattered blocks are blanketed in the cloak of darkness brought by rolling blackouts.

If that’s not enough, that’s just on Day 1.  As temperatures cool on Day 1, Day 1-eve will undoubtedly bring freezing temperatures, transforming the delicious snow-moisture into epic sheets of ice that cripple our fair city’s infrastructure.  By morning, hundreds will be prevented from making the quest from bed to office desk.


It’s only Wednesday, and that pretty much sums up the week thus far.  Which, honestly, was fine by me.  It snowed Monday, which prompted an early office exodus.  Tuesday, they urged us to stay home, so lucky me I had the opportunity to work in my PJs.  This magically makes me uber-productive, and by 6 PM I was essentially caught up on my backlog and found myself with a “free” (albeit dark) evening.  What does one do with such an evening?  Well, for about 15 mins of it, I went outside with my camera and shot some pics.

I’ve always liked cold weather, and I find cold snowy weather somehow warm and comforting.  There’s a certain tranquility, especially in the interim between freshly fallen snow and muddy traversed slush.  It was still snowing when I ventured out, so the pics look a bit noisy, but one big + about shooting in the snow:  it bounces what little light is available around in some interesting ways.


Who needs a windowed office?

November 21, 2010


About a month ago, an Audit Manager at a local technology company asked if I could do a piece for him.

The criteria:

  • Not too “street” (it would need to hold up in a business setting on an everyday basis)
  • Not too “corporate”
  • Needs to go on his office wall (approximately 9ft high x 10ft wide)

I threw together about a dozen designs, and played with the branding the company uses on their various products — consoles, games, software — and one idea just seemed to fit perfectly…

Microsoft opened their “flagship” (in that it’s local to HQ) retail store last week at Bellevue Square.  Stars came out in full force.  Dave Matthews, Apollo Ohno, and instant-classic-maker Miley Cyrus… so of course, when the manager came to me last month I thought hey, why should jocson + auditmanagerman be excluded from the festivities?

So on Saturday, I put up a 9ft x 9ft piece in his office, inspired by the MS Stores logo, and sporting that instantly recognizable, very Windows color palette.

the 'canvas'

Obligatory before shot

Obligatory after shot

I’m uberhappy with how it came out.  Seeing it up on the wall just takes me back to 1992, reliving memories of booting up Windows 3.1 on that fresh Packard Bell desktop I begged my parents for.  Almost makes me wish I had one of these for myself.


November 17, 2010

The later we get into the year, the more it seems darkness engulfs all.  I walk out of the office at 5PM and it looks as though it’s 10PM.  I wake up to a stale gray (that seems dreary) and sharp bite in the air (which I enjoy) that burns my nose (and for some reason the outer corners of eyes where the front of my face becomes the sides.

That + the hustle that comes with work this time of year has put me into an exhausting daze for the past couple weeks, that it almost doesn’t feel like we’re about to hit the holiday season.  Fall/Winter has always been a favorite part of the year for me, because I enjoy the fresh brisk crisp carried in the air, the holiday celebrations, and accompanying days off work.

It seems too soon for it to be Thanksgiving next week.  In honor of the holiday, I was going to go out and shoot some turkeys, but it was too dark.  So instead, here’s an homage to the epic Christmas trees we’ll soon start seeing everywhere.  Shot in the semidark.

tree again


I meant to blog..

November 16, 2010

..but it was just sooo warrrrm under here.

na na na na catcave

I’ve had a blog or two (or twelve or twenty) off and on for about ten years now.  The tubes are wildly different these days, but my wife today managed to amass her hundredth follower on her < 1yr old blog.  I have to give her a run for her money.  So today, I’m setting the goal of collecting 1 follower in < 100 months.

Let the countdown begin.